General Conditions

Here you will find the regulations of the general conditions and the secretariat hours.

These regulations will come into effect on June 1, 2020, and may be revised whenever necessary, and are available at the PsiWorks secretariat and at

Secretariat Hours

  1. The PsiWorks secretariat works:
    • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9am to 8pm

    • Tuesday: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 8pm

    • Saturday: 9am to 1pm

  2. Closing periods, are announced annually at the PsiWorks secretariat.

condições gerais psiworks

PsiWorks Operating Conditions

  1. PsiWorks guarantees the appropriate physical environment for the development of the various proposed activities.

  2. PsiWorks ensures to recruit and hire enough technicians with adequate qualifications that ensure quality services.

  3. PsiWorks has the right not to accept or to exclude users who, due to their behavior, have interfered with the normal functioning of the activities, ensuring the suggestion of referral to an alternative health or education structure with sufficient competence to respond to their situation.

  4. In case of an accident, occurring while on PsiWorks, if the user is on PsiWorks premises, the user will be taken to the nearest hospital when necessary, activating the insurance to which the user is entitled.

  5. The user is obliged to accept and comply with the present regulation, if he is of age, or by the guardian if the user is a minor, without the need for his signature

  6. PsiWorks provides the services:

  7. Home visits are considered by the Management and the technician involved, and PsiWorks may refuse to perform them if conditions of safety or clinical suitability are not met.

  8. The cancellation of the service provided by PsiWorks, by the user, must be informed by phone, SMS or e-mail, until 7pm of the previous day, from Monday to Friday and until 12pm of Saturday when the service is scheduled for Mondays. When the user does not comply, he is obliged to pay the corresponding fees.
    Without fulfilling this payment, PsiWorks will not reschedule any service until the payment is settled.

  9. PsiWorks or the service provider, may consider exceptions to 8) after reviewing extraordinary situations in writing.

  10. In the situation described in 8), PsiWorks will schedule a new appointment according to the technician’s availability.

  11. If the service is cancelled by PsiWorks, a new appointment will be scheduled, according to the availability of the technician and the user, as soon as possible.
  12. To ensure that the space is used by a multidisciplinary team, all appointments and cancellations of services must be made at the PsiWorks secretariat. The appointments/disappointments made directly with the technicians have to be validated, as described in point 8), at the secretariat.

  13. In a situation where the user is late for the scheduled time, the technician will only fulfill the pre-established period of service, with no compensation.

  14. Payment for the services is made at the secretariat, after the services have been rendered, in cash or by check.
    The PsiWorks Board may consider extraordinary exceptions, in the form of payment by bank transfer, upon written request to the Board.

  15. The user or guardian of a minor user must inform PsiWorks of any physical or psychological health conditions that may pose health risks to other users, and the confidentiality of this information is guaranteed.

  16. The administration of any medication while at PsiWorks requires that the medication be delivered to the PsiWorks Management as well as a consent form, signed by the parent or guardian in the case of a minor, or by the guardian in the case of a dependent adult.

  17. PsiWorks is not responsible for valuables or objects that users have in their possession while attending the space. If you are a minor or a dependent adult, you may be asked to keep personal belongings while services are in progress.

  18. PsiWorks sends by mail, in situations of extraordinary exception after decision by the Board, prescriptions or technical statements, only to users living outside the Districts of Lisbon and Setubal.

  19. The issuance of statements or clinical reports by PsiWorks technicians must be preceded by a written request by the user or by his/her ascendant/guardian in situations of minor or incapacitated users, in which consent is expressed or not to explicitly state diagnosis/treatment; these statements can only be collected at the secretariat by the user him/herself or by the ascendant/guardian in situations of minor or incapacitated users; the issuance of statements or clinical reports results in fees that can be consulted at the secretariat.

  20. The PsiWorks secretariat may be contacted only to resolve issues regarding services provided by the technicians in their space. There will be no secretarial services for users accompanied by PsiWorks technicians in other locations.

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